The premium product of our range, limited to a small production run each year. A fantastic way to eat honey, comb honey is as pure, natural and raw as honey can possible be.Packed full of nectar from our flowering chestnut trees makes this a truly rare honeycomb product in New Zealand.Widely sought after in Europe, especially Italy for its complex flavour and unrivalled sweetnes.The new season comb honey is the most sought after bringing the freshness of a new Spring season to you with a taste that is vibrant and like nothing you have had before.Honey straight from the hive and packaged in our own registered facility allows us to ensure it is full of flavour with the additional goodness of traces of pollen and propolis.Harvested before December 31 each year ensures our comb honey is packed full of the great fresh seasonal honey. Truly raw honey - still in the bee's own wax, never touched or extracted.

Pure Comb Honey

  • Comb honey can be cut straight from the tub and spread on hot toast, or simply enjoyed as it is. Goes well on a cheese board with blue cheese and slices of pear. A true match made in heaven.

    If it lasts longer then the first sitting, leave in the pantry away from direct light and at a temperature above 14C degrees to assist in the prevention of crystalisation.