Our Leather Cream is a special blend of our own Beeswax, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil and Castor Oil.


The cream will provide a professional protection and shine to all leather surfaces - however it isn't a friend of suede as much.


How it works:

Beeswax; Protection for leather. Creates a barrier for environmental influences
Shea butter; Conditions the leather surface.
Grapeseed oil; Softens the leather internally and replaces the natural oils lost through drying
Castor oil; Heavier oil that provides the 'shine'.


It's not just for leather - the Haruru Gold Leather Cream can be used on wood, pleather, canvas and even metal.

Leather Cream 170g

  • Apply a small amount to a soft clean cloth and work into the leather surface.

    The ingredients in the cream do all the work, leaving your leather softer and rejuvinated with a brilliant shine.