This gift pack offers great value and free freight in NZ.

Included in the pack is a 250g jar of our Manuka 5+ Honey, a 250g jar of our Chunky Manuka Honey with chunks of honeycomb, a 225g Manuka 5+ Honey Bear, a medium 280mm x 280mm Beeswax Food Wrap made from 100% organic cotton, a small Honey Dipper, and a 360mm round black timber bread board.

Normal retail in excess of $90

There are a limited number available, so be quick.

Honey and Breadboard Pack

  • After applying the Board Butter, simply wipe the bread with cold to warm soapy water.

    Do not use in the dishwasher. The board will keep looking great for years to come if you apply the Board Butter as and when required.

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