Help to save the planet, with our Haruru Gold Honey Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps.

Made from 100% cotton, our own Beeswax and Propolis, and Jojoba Oil - the wraps are the ideal replacement for plastic cling film. So not only are you saving the planet by using our wraps, you are saving money as well.


The small size is ideal for wrapping tiny sweets or that last little bit of cheese, place it over a glass or jar that doesn't have a lid, and also works well to shape around the end of that cucumber - and the large is big enough for a loaf of bread.


Click HERE to see how easy they are to use. Not all fabric designs are available in all sizes/packs.

Beeswax Food Wrap 3 Pack

  • Your Food Wrap will last for about a year. Take time to read and follow these instructions. 

    How to use:

    You supply the magic, as the warmth of your hands is all you need to shape your Food Wrap over food and dishes. The added propolis in the wrap helps the beeswax to soften and then stick to itself again. Once it cools down, it will stay in the shape formed sealing in all the goodness in a natural enviro friendly way.

    How to care for:

    Ony use cold water with a little mild soap to clean your wrap. Hot water is the enemy of beesax!

    Simply immerse your Food Wrap in cold water and mild soap (a mild dish washing detergent works well), or wipe down with a clean cloth.  Allow to air dry.

    You can store your Food Wrap in a draw - the tea towel drawer works well.  


    Your Food Wrap can be used again and again. Just use the warmth of your hands again to flatten the wrap out, and then apply it to the next task.