Premium Pure New Zealand Creamed Honey produced using only our own Haruru Gold Honey.

This is a darker creamed honey than previous seasons due to the flowers that bees in this apiary were foraging on.


Unlike others, we start the process of creaming using our own honey that we allow to crystallise and then we pulverise those crystals by hand to produce a smooth, creamy 'seed', that is then blended with our Manuka runny honey to produce a creamy and fudge like honey.


This honey is the product of the bees foraging on the flowers of their own citrus orchard and chestnut trees giving this honey a slightly sweeter taste that is also a loveley golden colour.
The foraging area also includes Manuka and Kanuka, and these flavours and benefits are present in this truly multi floral blend of premium Manuka honey with the thickness and jelly like feel from the Kanuka.

Carefully extracted in our own registered extraction facility allows us to take the honey from the hive to the bottle ourselves to keep it as natural as the bees intended to ensure the flavour is like nothing you've tasted before, with the added benefit of having traces of pollen and propolis.

Creamed Honey - Dark 250g