Landowner Partnership Hives

Allow us to place hives on your land and in return you will receive 1kg of honey per hive per year as payment.
This option is better suited to rural areas where you have some spare land. Areas serviced are from Warkworth to Waiuku.

Hive placements will take place in either April/May or October/November.


The bees being on you property will benefit your own plants and/or crops via pollination.


This partnership will see us complete the following:

  - place an agreed number of hives (minimum of two hives) in a suitable spot on your land

  - provide all the bee hive maintenance

  - and at the end of the season, deliver to you honey that has been foraged from your immediate area

The only thing we ask of you is that you provide us with clear access to the hives and keep an eye on the bees water supply.

To find out more, download the information sheet and Land Owner Agreement below, and then get in touch.

Landowner Partnership Brochure and Agreement