How to use your Beeswax Food Wrap

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Step One - Pick the right size Wrap

From our range of Beeswax Food Wraps, select the size that best suits your task. Our sizes range from 180mm x 180mm for little jobs, like wrapping the end of a cucumber, or taking care of that last little piece of cheese.

The medium size of 280mm x 280mm is ideal for sandwiches, placing over a small jar and wrapping a head of broccoli.


The large size is a whopping 350mm x 350mm and will do almost anything!

Step Two - Place it!

Let's wrap a block of cheese.

Place the cheese in the middle of the wrap. It is pretty straight forward so far!

Step Three - The first wrap

Wrap the cheese, and as you do rub each edge where the food wrap passes around the edge of the cheese. This rubbing creates the warmth required to soften the wax and propolis and it will then instantly set again in the position.

Where the two ends of the wrap overlap, place your hand on top and gently rub to create a 'soft seal'. This is where the two ends will gently come together

Step Four   - It's just like Christmas!

Now it is just like wrapping those Christmas presents at the ends.

With each wrap, create a sharp seam by rubbing your finger along the fabric wrap and the warmth of your hands once again does the magic.

Fold the end up and place your hand firmly on the end for about 20 seconds. This heat will 'stick' the first end. Now do other end.


Step Five   - Give it some love & warmth

After you have completed the second end, hold the parcel in both hands and give it some love. Again, you are providing the magic with your body warmth as it softly melts the wax and propolis to form a new bonded shape.

It is even easier with a head of broccoli for example. 

Just place the wrap over the head and hold it together firmly on the stem for about 20 seconds.


For a video showing the perfect fold  - click HERE