How to clean & rejuvenate your Beeswax Food Wrap

Clean the wrap

Gently wash your wrap with cold soapy water. Do not use hot water as this will melt the wax too much and create a mess!

Once washed, allow to air dry. It works best to lay it flat on a tea towel.

Rejuvenate the wrap

So your wrap performs at its best for longer, we recommend reheating the wrap to make it as good as new.

Step One - Preheat the oven to 100C

Pre heat your oven to 100 degree C.

Step Two  - Prep  the wrap

Line a flat baking tray with some baking paper.

Place the wrap on the tray and place in the preheated oven.

Allow the wax to remelt for 5-8 minutes.

Step Three - Remove the wrap

Remove the wrap from the oven. You will have to move fast here!

Using tweezers or tongs, lift the wrap off the tray. It will start to cool immediately.

Once you have lifted a corner it is easier to use your hands to peel the wrap off the tray and wave it around for about 20 seconds. After this time the wrap will have cooled

Step Four    - Fold

Place the wrap on the kitchen bench and fold.

Your wrap is now as good as it was when you purchased it.

Oven temp.jpg
Wrap on tray.jpg
Lifting wrap.jpg
Folded wrap.jpg

For a video showing the perfect fold  - click HERE